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Ocean Therapy

When a picture says a thousand words....

I've been taking photos for ocean therapy days for over 15 years now, from way back when blue space just meant a gap between the clouds.   I'm lucky, I was brought up in the waves of Woolacombe and was, quite literally, bodyboarding before I could walk. I knew from an early age, how freeing the Ocean can be in releasing us from our thoughts, anxiety and fears.

My Mum died when I was a kid, and it was the sea that I turned to for healing  - from then on, it raised me, nurtured me to womanhood and taught me authenticity.  My connection with her is deep, tangible and real.  She has taught me how to live in the moment and how to connect back to the consciousness that birthed me when I am in need of truth. As I enter her domain, I do so with reverence, because I know she will release me from the illusion of fear and back into the reality of joy.

In the last few years, Surf/Ocean therapy has become more popular than I could ever have imagined back in those tender years of youth.   With my past, I guess it's only natural that I am drawn back to such work - it's my truth.  I've now worked at many therapy sessions both as a coach and photographer, but each one I attend is like the first.  The smiles, and the joy-filled giggles echo through the water as challenges are overcome and confidence is built.

That's living in the moment. The ocean moment.

This photo was of a young lady who attended a surf day at Saunton way back in 2017/18 with a charity called Lifeworks, based in S Devon.  It reminds me how truly beautiful it is to witness the unreserved joy of another soul ... it lifts my day. I hope it lifts yours too.

Carrie xx


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