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"I'm worried about you, Carolyn, you seem lost ...."

A caring remark by a lovely friend recently and it's true. That's how I have been feeling.

Totally lost and over frazzled by information coming at me from all directions night and day...messages, images and feelings that, as an empath, I soak up, feel and carry like a exhausted sponge until I can wring myself out in a quiet space, shake free with some shared laughter or soothe away in a heart hug with a trusted friend or two.

Frazzled and exhausted by humanity .. you too? Maybe we're just taking on the feelings of the planet herself

You see, like many empaths out there, we can only be happy when those around

us are because we feel everything they feel. We subconsciously carry the emotions of others, so we work ourselves into the grave to make them content in order that we can be too. T'is a right dilemma and not something that can easily be turned off.

This means a client with a project will obliviously receive triple the hours they pay for, a person you hardly know will get a portfolio of photos for gratis, a loved one who needs a quick favour will get instant attention ...on and on it goes.

The only person we don't listen to, until it's too late, is ourselves, and that gentle voice within saying, "Just look after YOU, stop quietening your own voice, your own creativity, your own needs, and your own dreams. You matter too."

As many will know for themselves, it can take its toll. I've had a few big health scares this year, which is unknown territory for me, but then so is the world. For those who stuck around and were there for me, thank you.

So, I appear to have been gifted some more time on this planet, and I have to believe it's for a reason. I'm upping the vibe, putting my health to the fore and attempting some work/life boundaries. This means putting time into my own creativity again and reaching out for inspiration to artists, writers, and wellness practitioners whose work inspires me and drives me to improve my own. Thank you guys, I see you and infinitely admire you.

Thanks to you too, for bearing with me whilst I regain my voice.

Masses of Love, C xx


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