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For Those In Darkness

"Once upon a time, but not so long ago,

There lived a child who was cast in woe.

Born in a darkness, surrounded by death,

The little girl wept and hid in her depth.

For some whom she loved, oft shouted and spurned,

Dreams were laughed at, and backs were just turned.

Each day was a fight, a battle so fierce.

Her heart so tender and easy to pierce.

But 'God' in his wisdom, with pain bestowed

The gift of great vision and gratitude owed.

And so in the darkness, the angels did call,

Whispering their secrets of all to befall.

So waking that morning, the world seemed a place,

Of beauty so wondrous and so full of grace.

For all of Nature had something to say,

The birds in the skies, and night passing to day.

Whilst shimmering images glowed from the trees,

The angels sang out with the laughing bees.

The girl in her joy put pen straight to paper,

And sang and danced in delightful caper.

Turning her back on the shadows of pain,

She skipped through the forest alight with bright flame.

Yes! She cried as her spirits soared,

And she flew with the birds of her own accord.

Yes! She beamed as she sang through the night,

Touching men’s hearts with soft delight.

Yes! She smiled, as words flowed from her soul,

To heal the suffering of a world full of dole.

And so I say, the moral for all,

Is to listen to angels, when they come to call."

- Carolyn Seager, 2005

A while back I found this poem I wrote in 2005. It was scribbled on a napkin and tucked inside a folder of half written songs I was banging out way back when strange the way messages from our past selves pop up from nowhere to give us a gentle reminder of our thirst for the beauty of life. .

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