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The Magic Of Equus

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

A lesson in dancing to the beat of your own drum.

For many years I worked with horses both as a photographer and in my studies as an Equine Therapist for children with learning disabilities and those suffering from trauma. I've just found this beautiful prose amongst my notes. The sentiment touches my heart still...

“I wonder sometimes if autistic children intend, prior to their arrival on Earth, to advance the evolution of humanity by refusing to be squeezed into the existing molds that most "normal" children are forced to endure. This process, called domestication by many wise spiritual teachers, is one that horses have spent thousands of years gently leading man away from. We somehow come to believe that a rigid comfort zone of neutral emotion is the preferred state of existence. RECLAIM YOUR FREEDOM, the horses seem to say, and DANCE with all the emotional richness life has to offer. Without the dissonant notes, harmony has no meaning. SOAR with joy, without fearing the plunge into sorrow that may follow, knowing that love will pick you up and carry you to peace. All this and more I have seen in the soft and gentle eye of the horse." Carol J Roush, Equine Facilitated Human Development."

Huge thanks also to Ruth Levy-So and her magical horses in S Devon for their beautiful lesson in the Art of Dance.

~ Carrie xxx


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