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The Art Of Non Judgement

Non Judgement ... it's sooooo very freeing.

I confess, I still haven't quite got the hang of it so am very much a C grade student in the subject. So much of my energy seems consumed with creating a ton of resistance, the energy sapping building blocks of judgement. But at least I recognise it in myself and am endeavouring to let life flow through me unabaited.

I was told that truly listening and asking more questions helps . ...and it's true, it does ...after all, everyone just wants to be heard dont they, its a deep human need.

But I dont have to agree with anyone, I just choose to liberate myself from the judgement of them so that I can be a little more free to flow through life open hearted instead of swimming through a load of toxic doo doo on a daily basis .

"Maybe I'm a dreamer ....but I'm not the only one ...."

Keep the hope xxx


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