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Committing To Life

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

This is for everyone who is struggling with life at the moment, because I know there are many. It's a time when things can seem so utterly dark and torturous, the burden too heavy.

We've all been through so much, sometimes it's hard to keep showing up just want to go 'home' and be free of pain. Please, feel those waves of anguish, but know that you are safe in this world. In my experience, as the black tides retreat, that all-knowing, peaceful wisdom which lies deep within you - that is the true you - will be there to hold you in safety as you fall.

It seems we are all going through monumental changes, seeing things in different lights and feeling life with an expanding sensitivity and consciousness. It's exciting yet terrifying, exhilerating yet overwhelming, painful yet exquisite. But is.

Yes, we may have a way to go but I seem to feel a strengthening hope and excitement for the future of our world. Why? Because we travel together, eternally connected and never alone.

I can't help feeling that in a few more years, our beautiful planet will be a much easier, more evolved place to live.

So, if I may, here's to 2027 ...I've got a feeling it will be well worth living for. Let's hang on in here, it's gonna be outta this world 💃💃💃 🥳🥳🥳

In the meantime, just know there's always a labrador hug waiting for you at Seagertowers .💙🙏✨️😇

Oh and here's an Exmoor tree talking to the Moon. They both know a thing or two don't they.😉

Much love and all that jazz. 💛✨️💛xxx


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