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Reverence For Place

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Connection and why some of us are born to keep moving on. A Native American story.

In their origin story, The Pueblo Native Americans believe they emerged from the centre of the earth, and were given a sacred quest by the Earth God, Maasaw who said,

"The world is a gift to us and we must take care of her. So now, to find your home you must find your center place".

So the tribe made a covenant, to 'learn' the earth with their feet, to walk to the earth's fathest corners, become one with this new world and ultimately to find their center place. Some tribes went clockwise, others counterclockwise, and as they migrated across the world they placed a spiral insignia along their route. They moved from one place to another, testing it and learning about it before moving on ....and on ....until finally they found the right place, their center place. It wasnt just about location, it was knowing that they could live there in balance with the Natural world.

To help them, Maasaw told them to watch for a great sign in the sky, it would be a symbol that they had reached their center place. So when they saw a bright light in the sky they came to rest in the South West .

It occurs to me, that I'm far more attuned to the Puablo narrative than the one I find myself living in at the moment. 🤔

So, it appears I am on the move again .....I'll be steered by the sky, my center place awaits.

Big love beautiful people.

May your thoughts be free and your wings strong.


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