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Lundy, My Isle of Dreams

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

On my last trip to Lundy, an island where I'd spent most of my holidays as a child, I sat at the mid point where I came across a herd of wild horses. I became emotional as memories of my late Mum and I dancing with the herd from yesteryear flooded into my mind like a tsunami awash with both pain and love. As I sank in tears, the empathy of these mares came to the fore, and I was soon adopted by these beautiful beings and nurtured back to belonging. And this my friend is the magic of horses ....

Walking to the middle of 3 mile long Lundy, a small island off the coast of North Devon, I came across a herd of wild horses. I watched them as they studied the 'odd' walker - I could almost read their thoughts "Oh look at the state of that one Madge, what does she think she's wearing?"

“Oh look at the state of that one, what does she think she's wearing?"

Daily Routine

I watched them go about their daily chores and grooming - they seemed so caring towards each other.

Hearing tears ...

As I continued to sit in the heather watching this beautiful herd, I got a bit emotional about all my Lundy memories and of happy times past. As if hearing my tears, one of the mares looked up, studied me for a while and then.....

...she quietly came over to me but with great purpose.

... and then she just gently nuzzled me for a good while, licking me as my tears kept flowing. I felt like a little lost foundling gently being nurtured back to life, festooned as I was in the sweet grassy breath of this gentle being.

As if getting a little bored by my self absorption, she decided to take a seat next to me.... and....

Proceeded to give me a good talking too! (Ok I know there was probably a bit of bottom scratching going on but that would spoil the story... )

For over an hour these gentle creatures each came up to say hello and give me a beautifully scented nuzzle. I was encircled but felt only safety, protection and a supreme sense of honour to have been accepted as part of their family.

..and other friends dropped in to say hello.

And then a strange sound startled us and the 'leader' galloped off neighing to investigate - I felt the ripple of alarm filtering through the ranks and my little family drew closer around me.

We were safe as one.

After much neighing and head tossing the danger subsided and the 'lead' mare galloped back to us all and ...

... there was calm once more, so we all gathered together and settled down for a snooze.

... with the freedom to dream in safety.

It was hard to say goodbye to these beautiful, gentle, intuitive and protective creatures whose generous hearts lavished me with such unconditional love and acceptance.

Which is why we humans have such a lot to learn from them and why, I for one, will be eternally grateful to my special Lundy family...

With love,

~ Carrie xxx


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