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Carole Lacey - South Hams' Skin God Mother

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

So wonderful to be working with one of my very best friends, Skin Health Specialist and Laser Therapies Expert, Carole Lacey. Carole owns the new Waterside Aesthetics Clinic in the South Hams, allowing everyone in Kingsbridge to access Knightsbridge's very latest skincare treatments.

I'm so honoured to be working with this kind and nurturing Godsend of a woman, Carole Lacey. Not only is Carole one of the leading skincare health experts in the South West, but she is also one of the loveliest women I have known this lifetime.

Together we created her website and are now embarking on her blogs and social media feeds.

Please, if you have any kind of skin problems or concerns, email Carole straight away at What this women doesn't know about skin isn't worth knowing. Carole uses products made from one of the leading skincare companies in the world, ZO Skin Health. She also combines the use of these high grade skin solutions with laser therapies using her Harmony XLpro laser made by Alma. Few clinics in Devon are able to provide these treatments so I'm especially proud of my friend for yet again being at the forefront of skincare technology and enabling all of us here in Devon and Cornwall to access such fantastic therapies.


Yes, Carole has specialist knowledge and expertise which has been built up from being at the leading edge of the beauty business for over twenty five years, but for me it's her other qualities that stand her apart from the rest.

They are her :- nurture, empathy, intuition and pure kindness.

You see, your skin can be such an emotive subject and may often be reflective of psychological unease, trauma and stress. We can all feel incredibly vulnerable when we enter a treatment room to have someone look at us without our mask of makeup, it too can feel traumatising. But Carole listens without judgement, allows you to tell your story, to cry or fall apart and then gently walks you through your choices.

She intuitively understands. It's a gift.

Maybe it's because Carole is first to admit that she has faced many challenges in her own life too. She knows what it's like to feel overwhelmed and anxious. She has suffered the loss of loved ones, been a single parent, built a business up completely on her own and gone through tragedy. She cares, and understands that life can take its toll on you and your skin. Which is why, I can safely say, when you walk into Waterside Aesthetics, you will be in the very best of hands. You are safe.

So please, if you have skin problems or just need a confidence booster, pop over to Carole's website now for more info. Maybe it's time for you to start your healing journey to beautiful, healthy skin..... and to a confident, happy YOU.

We hope you enjoy your skin health journey.


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