25 September 2017

When Surf Legend Meets Surf Icon


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, live and in THE cave for one afternoon only, may I present to you, the surfing ledge that is, Mr Eric Davies.

 In all seriousness, THANK YOU to  local surfing legend, Eric Davies who allowed me to take some shots of him at the iconic cave off Saunton, N Devon. He was a great sport and took all the friendly cheers from his fellow surfers out back with good humour.

And no, he doesn’t look at all like Will Farrell.

Sir, you are a gentleman, a great surf instructor and MOST importantly, the only man alive to enable and witness my semi standing, Joan Fontaine longboarding glide through white water.

I thank ye kindly!

PS. You’ll also find Eric, more often than not, at the British Surf Museum, Caen Street Car Park, Braunton, N Devon.

Drop in, it’s well worth a visit!