Gift Writing And Artwork Service

Launching 1st September 2018


Isn’t it wonderful that even in this age of high speed technology and online gizmos, when a lovely letter falls through our letterbox it can still uplift us and make our hearts glow.   

My Wave Wisdom letter writing service aims to deliver one such wave themed glow straight to your door or to that of a friend or loved one. Choose from a beautifully designed A4 letter complete with a bespoke, uplifting message written straight from the water’s edge and accompanied by one of my 6×4″ mounted and signed seascape images, all ready to pop into a frame of your choice. Alternatively you may wish to purchase a postcard, again created personally by me with a bespoke message for you or the recipient. The postcard will feature one of my seascape images which may also be popped into a frame of your choice and used as room art, bringing a little Ocean light to any dwelling. Both the letters and postcards are sent to the recipient via traditional ‘snail mail’ methods,  a.k.a Royal Mail.

Or maybe you just want to receive an uplifting daily wave of wisdom straight into your email inbox.  In this case, please sign up to receive a daily “Wave Wisdom” email will feature a beautiful image and a little uplifting quote to help you start your day on a positive note. This is a free service because everyone deserves a little Ocean beauty in their day.


And lastly, if you’re on social media, follow me @seagerworld and I’ll try and add a smile and a refreshing wave to your daily routine.