Welcome Home To A Sea Of Health

Thank you for popping by and I’m really excited to announce that The Wave Wisdom School of Health will be launching both individual and corporate online health programmes very shortly.

In the meantime, I continue to offer a full, health by design consultancy, integrating the following elements:-

Health By Design – Feng Shui Consultation for home, businesses and gardens. (£120) 

Feng Shui is the practice of analysing and influencing the interaction between people, buildings and the environment in order to enhance quality of life. Originating in Ancient China, its basis is chi which is the vital energy present in everything.” The Feng Shui Society.

Nutrition and holistic health consultations. (£50 per consultation) 

As a qualified nutrition therapist and holistic health coach, I offer businesses and individuals a full spectrum of health and wellness services which encompass nutrition, physical activity, holistic therapies and stress reduction.  I don’t just treat the symptoms, but search  for the causes and will then help you to eliminate them . Please call me on 07768 110182 for a free 20 minute consultation and we can take it from there.

Assertiveness and self worth coaching (£45 per consultation) 

Trained as an NLP practitioner, life coach and assertiveness coach, my main field of interest is helping empower women with their self esteem and self worth issues.  Why? because this has been a life long journey that I too have struggled with. For over twenty years I have sought out the very best experts on the planet in order to help me learn and overcome my own issues. In so doing, I now have the skills and life experience  to go forward and help others who might be journeying along a similar path.

Money coach (£45 per consultation) 

They say we always teach what we need to learn.  Well brother, did I need to learn about finances! For many years I kept myself in debt and deprivation.  Working like a trojan, taking every course known to man yet never feeling good enough and always gifting my services as if they weren’t worth a pittance. Why? Because my sub conscious kept me in the believe that that was all that I was worth.  I also didn’t like money, or rather what I saw some people were doing with it.

In an abundant universe, I managed to block myself from receiving money, happiness and love from every angle.

I let fear take control + I let fearful thoughts take control +  I let fearful feelings take control.

= I was a magnet for fear.

It become clear that it was my thoughts that kept me in such a dark place. My sub conscious wiring was seriously out of whack.  It may be a never ending journey, but it just took a bit of re-wiring of the synapses and things began to change.   I invite you to now to work alongside me and together we’ll take a voyage of discovery to find out why you might be on a similar pathway, and how you too can change your energy around money, your thoughts, your feelings and your flow.

Holistic therapies

One of my primary objectives is to re-connect you with this beautiful planet. I find not better way than through one of my holistic treatments, especially the ones born of the sea.

Aruveydic Indian Head Massage – £20

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage – full body (£45), back (£25) or just hands and feet (£15).

Reflexology (£40)

Provencal Aromatherapy – full body (£45), back (£25) or just hands and feet (£15)

Post Surf Sports Massage 20 mins  – mobile service, back and legs (£20)

All treatments will include Reiki unless otherwise instructed.

So please, if you’d like a consultation or are interested in knowing more about any of these services and health holidays, phone me at 07768 110182 or contact me now for time is not for wasting. Oh, and please sign up for the Wave Wisdom newsletter so I can keep you updated in these exciting times.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Now, live the dream!