9 September 2020

True Mother ….. A Little Message From The Old Horse Chestnut Trees.

After my mum died, such was the isolation and grief, that I became quite a naughty teenager and used to bunk off school a lot. Whilst others were learning humanity’s laws, I learnt Nature’s. I’d run away up to these trees and hug them with all my might, melting into their souls and leaving the torturous pain behind. Afternoons were spent just sitting curled at the foot of their trunks, letting their roots cradle me in their safety, their leaves fall with my tears and their branches shield me from the brutality of human existence.

My human Mother may have left her physicality but my real, planetary Mother took me straight back into her heart and nurtured me into true Womanhood.

Every tree, every rock, every wave, every creature spoke to me with a Soul more powerful and true than any human voice ….the whole planet was alive in beauty and became my support, my love, my family.

And so began a connection with Nature unlike most. I hear her heart beat as my own, feel her roots stretch out to others, her mountains breathe and her waves form like emotions of pure conciousness flowing from an Ocean of Love.

You see, we are all but one heart, a glitter of stardust just floating through the infinity of a loving, Cosmic soul.


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