29 May 2017

Solace in Nature …


The events in Manchester last week have left me finding solace in nature once again.  At times like this, it’s always the waves that wipe away my tears.  We grasp to make sense of the fear and hatred, but we can’t.  Yet, somewhere we know, that light will always overcome darkness, and whilst we grieve with those caught up in the nightmare,  we find strength and hope in recognising the mass acts of kindness and love that outweigh all the hate.

Please never underestimate the courage of kindness and the power of Love.  They are the strongest forces in the Universe.  It’s therefore these attributes that I now choose to focus on, these attributes which I will feed with my energy and my attention, these attributes in which I trust.  I hope you will join me in vowing to love more fiercely and with a greater passion than any of those, in the small minority,  whose ego breeds hate.

Manchester, North Devon sends you love, may our waves soothe you and our sunshine strengthen your heart.

From North Devon, with Love xx