28 January 2018

Light Of Hope

It’s Sunday, so I thought no better time to say a big THANK YOU to Charles and Helen at All Saints Church, Clifton, Bristol for letting my “Light Of Hope” Exhibition be part of their All Saints 150th Anniversary celebrations this coming May. The exhibition is open to all and will run from the evening of Friday 4th May right through to Sunday 6th May, closing at 3pm.

The exhibition will showcase the power of the ethereal light which reaches down from the skies to embrace the Atlantic coastline of N Devon and Cornwall. As locals, we’re gifted daily by this light which brings alive the illuminating and transcendental beauty of our beaches.

It is truly a gift beyond measure.

It’s on these beaches, where the veil between worlds can become so tantalisingly thin, that light is able to bring its message of hope and deliver the infinite power of Love to any soul in need of it.

A selection of the artwork has been created in memory of my dear friend, Jacqueline Hallam Rankin. Jackie may be back home with the angels, but her light still shines eternal – I see it daily, and it warms my heart. Profits from the sale of these selected pieces will go to charity, as chosen by her family.

Again, my thanks to All Saints church – as a child, Mum and Dad took me there every Sunday and it was from thence that I bid them both farewell and safe journey ‘Home’ to the heavens …. I can’t help but think they’ll be there once more, smiling down on us with the “Light of Hope”.

In peace,

From North Devon With Love xxx