17 July 2017

Life on the road ….


This world is but a canvas for our imagination” Henry James Thoreau 

This weekend I was blessed.

I was blessed to experience a simplicity and richness that I’d never really encountered before.

A new world. A simple world. A world of abundance and infinite beauty.

It was the world of surf van life.

You see, whilst most folk were dreaming of their big houses in the countryside, the only object of my desire has always been a 1966 VW Campervan complete with labrador beds.

And so this last weekend was a little taste of paradise – travelling down the Atlantic Highway, Kernow bound in the epitome of Atlantic coast chic, a twenty four year old Hymermobil.

What I adore about vintage motors is their character. Every turn of the wheel and every bump in the road is a conversation between driver and the driven. A cacophony of strange rattles and rumbles, where each groan of the engine as it climbs up a hill or the free wheeling whiz of its descent, is an opportunity for a rich and ebullient conversation to be had.

It’s tangible.

And then there’s that feeling of belonging.

You’re part of a tribe.

A community of fellow freedom seekers who each understand that need to find space to journey, to free their spirit and experience the beauty of each day.

A tribe that lets go of the need to be in the knowledge of it all, and relaxes in the mystery of it all instead.

The open road is liberation for the soul, unshackled by convention and set free from the demands of a culture that tries to control each one of us by convincing us that we’re nothing unless we have this, or do that, look a certain way or purchase a certain thing….a culture that is trying to make you believe that you’re never be complete or worth anything unless you buy into its consumerist dogma.

But van folk, well, they know that happiness doesn’t come with a corporate pension.

Each day is a miracle of creativity, full of wonders anew — a wild flower showering its perfume into the world, a sunset filling the skies with radiant colour, and the sparkle of a star as it basks in the light of the moon.

These are the riches of life, riches where each moment becomes immortalised in the heart.

So, the friendly wave or toot of the horn from fellow travellers, sharing a sunset with stories of adventures old and new, checking for a change in wind direction, watching the curl of a wave, the rips of a tide and the seagulls soar – these are the memories that my life will be made of, not those of a system spewing fear and lack.

I may not know where the next wave takes me, but I do know that it will be a wave born of freedom, born of beauty and born of Love.

Where will the tide of life be taking you I wonder?  Care to sit with me in the unknowingness of it all ….. it’s exciting isn’t it.


Oh and need a little more magic?

Well here’s some Gwithian action for you – just feel that energy…..