“This concerns my experience of Carolyn Seager and her work. I first met Carolyn at a horsemanship seminar I was providing in the UK some years ago. Mostly unnoticed by me, she took pictures all through that program. Then a post appears online containing absolutely terrific pictures taken during this program. Accompanying these great photos, presented in a very unique slide show fashion, was text also created by Carolyn. If I had written those words myself, and I am a published and seasoned writer and copywriter, the piece could not have been any better. She was eloquent, clear, concise and made the entire program as she wrote about it and with the pictures, come alive on the page. Her piece was the most wonderfully done photo and text article about me I have received in my 40 odd years as a professional clinician, teacher and presenter.

Since that first article Carolyn Seager and I have become good online friends. Even in a simple friendly email she is witty, clear and always eloquent. I continue to admire her photographic skills as I am fortunate enough to view them occasionally online. Her writing is, as I said, always eloquent. I would highly recommend Carolyn Seager’s work to anyone wishing quality photography and writing talent for their projects, business or personal endeavors.”

Franklin Levinson – Professional clinician, teacher and presenter.

“Carolyn’s support, knowledge and photographic eye gets right past what we see if we look into a mirror. She finds our souls, our spirits and reminds us all why we are all so unique. Her photos are truly inspiring and magical, she makes even the shyest creature feel at home and safe. This is what makes her such a talented soul.”

Christine Hall – Owner, Angels Rest

“After 40 years of hating cameras, not only did Carolyn produce a set of images which I liked, but I even enjoyed the process of being photographed. Professional, personable and delivers perfection – what more can you ask for?”

Gwenllian Williams – Director, DeWinton-Williams Consulting

“Carolyn is the epitome of professionalism which I need in our PR agency. Speed, attention to detail and cost are all adhered to and the results are always amazing!”

Alison Relf – Director, Taylor Alden PR.

“Carolyn brings out the loveliness of any subject. She captures feelings and emotions within her work. Her pictures wake up your heart.”

Ruth Levy-So. Owner, Equestrian Nomad.

“After meeting Carolyn at a number of equine related events and seeing how she captures the beauty and essence of the horses and people around her, like no one else I know, I can highly recommend her work as a photographer. She is a wonderfully honest, kind and spiritual lady that inspires confidence and trust in her subjects, with a sparkle and sense of humour that brings out the best in those around her. Her skill, insight & intuition enables her to capture those special moments that we all wish to hold on to and remember.”

Debbie Reilly – Owner, Understanding Equus

“Many people have commented on the photograph Carolyn took of me. Carolyn has an exceptional gift to capture the ‘Emotion in the moment’ – for me that is what makes her unique & very special. Thank you for your beautiful work Carolyn.”

Fiona Paul – Intuitive Energy Practitioner

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had during my photo shoot a couple of weeks ago Carolyn! So relaxing and brilliant fun!! Plus Ive got some amazing photographs to show for it!!”

Carole Lacey – Owner, Clinic No.3