The Beauty Of Your Lifetime.
“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” ~ Hafiz

My legacy portraiture shoots are unlike any others.

They are the the ultimate day out for the girls. Not only will you have the opportunity to feel what its like to be a magazine model, styled and made up to the full, but I can also guarantee you’ll have a relaxed and fun experience behind my camera. You’ll leave feeling empowered, knowing your worth, and realising the true beauty that is your lifetime.

Let me show you how those that love you see you – perfect in every way.



I offer traditional portraiture in my natural light studios in Braunton, London and Bristol, or I can come to your home or a venue of your choice.  My personal preference is to locate the shoot on one of our beautiful beaches.  These beach shoots contain the essence of pure light and natural beauty,  illuminating a joy and un-contained freedom that you just can’t get in a studio. I love the though of this energy being passed down through the generations as legacy artwork showcasing your beauty.

When you contact me about a shoot the first thing I’ll do is have a chat to you about what you’re looking for out of your photo session. I like to build a good relationship with you during this pre shoot consultation so that  when I meet you, you feel safe enough to trust me and really enjoy the photo shoot experience.

Once we’ve had a good talk about the whole shoot including themes, styling, makeup and the legacy artwork products you’ll be able to purchase after the shoot,  we’ll fix a time, date and venue of your choice and get the shoot in the diary ASAP.

I can also offer you a composite service whereby we do a shoot with you in the studio and then transfer the image into a separate landscape, seascape or dreamscape.  These portraits are a little more intricate and costly but well worth the investment.

Want to find out more … call me on 07768110182 or email me now, lets talk …..