Personal Branding


You’re the face of your business, so let me help you elevate your brand by creating some truly beautiful and dynamic headshots that will shine your light at its very brightest.

A mini personal branding shoot with me costs just £120 and lasts 30 mins maximum.

 The venue is of your choosing – your office, your home, your hotel room or at any of my natural light studios (Devon, Bristol or London).

This is a no-frills shoot, but it is jam-packed with fun, fun, fun.  There are no changes of costume, and you come with your make-up done and your hair styled, all ready to rock and roll.

 I’ll tell you exactly what to do, all you need to do is turn up and do it.

So are you ready?  Then let’s get this show on the road – it’s time for you to SHINE!

Contact me now or call 07768 110182 to book in your shoot asap.

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“Your photos, quite simply, change my life Carolyn”

Leanne Stott – Actress and Presenter


Come on, SHINE like these beautiful and successful women – it’s your time!