2 February 2017

Batten Down The Hatches …

Evening all. Well, you find us all ‘a-blow’ here as the storm surge I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, comes up ‘Trumps’ (good grief, did I really say that – ugh). As I write, I’m watching some chaps dredge our little river in the village and sand bags are popping up left right and centre. Wish us luck!

In the meantime, we might have been blown off our feet at Saunton this morning, but it didn’t stop the heavens from gifting us their usual sublime entertainment…I pass on a little of their illumination to you now, I’m sure there is a message for you in it somewhere.



I’ve added this to the Saunton acrylic special editions – a group of images I print though the ChromaLuxe® Fine Art printing method. This gives the artwork great depth and a gloss finish,  so it really is like having a window to the ocean in your very own home.  Feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat about any of my special editions, I’d love to hear from you so just send me an email when you have a free moment.

Now, before I go any further I really should update social media followers on ‘Flappage-Gate’.  I realise it’s a matter of great import that will have seismic global consequences should I not fulfil my reporting responsibilities, so here we go…..

News Flash: Ear flappage reaches high levels of activity on North Devon beaches today as more hot air rolls in from the Atlantic.  No Mr Trump, again, we are still not talking about you.

Here’s the evidence, stand back, we’re clear for take off ….

And I’ll leave you with this little trot at Saunton during high tide – imagine turning your back to the wind and letting yourself fall into the air – only to find that it is holding you up and supporting you. Yep, the Universe truly has got your back and what’s more, as Elisabeth Kugler-Ross once said, “Should you shield the canyons from the windstorms you would never see the true beauty of their carvings.”

Until tomorrow, sandbags at the ready….