The Media Awaits You ....

I’m guessing you’ve clicked this tab because you need help with your PR, product photography, social media or marketing, right?

Are you looking for guidance in creating a successful communications strategy for your new start up? Or, is it that you’re expanding and you want help with international PR? Perhaps you’re just feeling totally overwhelmed and need a safe pair of hands to help you with your press launch, opt-ins or editorial?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Why? Well, although I’m known as a photographer here in Devon, for much of my life I lived in London working as an International PR and Communications Director.

I still thrive on media work so continue to provide small and medium-sized businesses with a full-range of communication services, including UK and international media relations, targeted marketing content, copywriting and shop listings that reach-out and connect with your customers.


Here’s some of my background so you can see if it resonates. I started my career at GWR radio. Fun times but I swiftly moved to Fashion PR in London (yes we put Liz into those Versace safety pins), followed by a stint at Elle Magazine working as Assistant to the Publisher.  I then made the leap to International PR, working for various global brands such as Sony Computer Entertainment (Playstation) before eventually becoming a Communications Director for the software company, Computer Artworks.

In 2015 I moved back home to North Devon to launch my photography business alongside my freelance PR and copywriting offerings.  Working for myself has been a steep learning curve, so I know all the pitfalls and pain of being a start-up and solo entrepreneur.

Things I’ve learnt? a) Reach out of help when you need it and b) constantly invest in developing your skills through re-education. For me that included graduation from Marie Forleo’s B-School (business school) in New York, and having the mentorship and business coaching of best selling US author Kate Northrup.

Sounds good?

Ok, without further ado, here’s a summary of the services I can provide for you. Let me know if they fit what you’re looking for and then please  sign up for my newsletter to receive my free download on how you can develop your brand’s publicity.


PR strategy and development
PR strategy and development
* PR strategy – online, print and broadcast media
* International PR
* Campaigns & projects
* Short term or event based PR
* Fundraising

Media Relations
* Media relationship building and monitoring
* Press interviews
* Editorial press kits and DPK’s
* Press pitches – writing and distribution
* Article placement
* Press conferences

Still Photos
* Full commercial portfolio
* Press shots
* Event diaries
* Daily instagram and social media images

Some PR fun-damentals!
1. Decide on your core PR message and stick to it. You can rename, re-package and reinvigorate that message, but always keep its essence in any of your media dealings. Power is in the clarity 2. Know your ideal customer and write for them. Visualise them, live their life, feel their emotion, know their worries and their joys. What is it they’re looking for in your product or service? Why is your product the solution to their problem? 3. Once you’ve done that, it’s time for a bit of research. What publications are your ideal customers reading? Are they local, national, broadcast, print or online publications? Where are you competitors being featured? Remember, this isn’t about your favourite publication, it’s all about your customer’s favourite publication. Don’t know where to start? Hit google with some of your keywords and find out in which publications they pop up. 4. Furnish yourself with a little knowledge about how best to approach your chosen editors and package and pitch your idea as soon as you can… you can find that information on my free download available when you sign up for my newsletter.

Website Copy
* Blogs, service and product websites
* Social media content – Instagram, Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Google+

Other Publications
* Newsletters, manuals, leaflets, calendars
* social media content
* Ghost writing
* E-books

Shop Fronts and Store Listings
* Etsy, Shopify and own brand shop listings & product descriptions

Sales Literature
* Sales sheets
* Trade show literature

The rudiments of copywriting....
So what exactly is copy? It’s everything from headlines and editorial right through to shop listings and your everyday email subject header. Yep, they all count because they’re all words that let your customer know, like and trust you. The three biggies to remember when you set quill to paper are:-

1. Clarity –  get right to the point.

2. Character –  show your personality, be human, be authentic and make sure your perfect customer can relate to you.

3. Resonance – it’s all in your vibe, so connect with your tribe!

Forget the rest of the world and concentrate on your perfect dream customer. If you try and speak to everyone, you’ll end up speaking to no one.Here’s a few more pointers. Firstly, forget all those hours you spent at school learning  good grammar. I’m here to tell you to let rip. Write like you’re ‘copy-telling’ to your bestie. Yes, you can use slang, colloquialisms and any peculiar references that your ideal customer can relate to and if you want to end your sentence with a preposition, then you go right ahead! One last thing, keep it short, insert those contractions and love your apostrophes. In summary, be bold, be active, be direct, add a liberal helping of objective adjectives and you’ll be well on your way to riding the wave of good fortune.


Still Photos
* Personal branding & headshots
* Full commercial portfolio
(fashion, action, venues,
products & events)
* Press shots
* Marketing images
* Event diaries
* Photoshop design & retouching
* Photographic make-up and styling

* Storefront photos
* Product images
* Social Media visuals
* Bio page headshots

A quick word about brand photography...
Photography is such a powerful medium because it connects you emotionally to your audience in an instant. Is it necessary to use professional photographers? If you need quick product shots for an Etsy shop or website, then I’d think you’re perfectly capable of creating some superb images on your mobile phone and building a fabulous social media following through that. Remember, it’s all about getting the right light, creating a pictorial story that your audience can relate to and ensuring you’ve got the correct angle of your dangle. For bigger projects like venue launches, fashion catalogues or press events then yes, I recommend you get a pro in, someone you trust and whose style fits your own. They’ll be able to give you high resolution RAW digital images that will have better quality than an phone or amateur’s camera so they can be used for print media, posters and banners

* Social media product images
* Event diaries
* Marketing images
*Daily social media photos

Social Networking Brand Building Campaigns
* Creation of online communication strategy
* Blog and social networking community management
* Blog content – copy and visuals
* Social media content creation – visuals, themes and seasonal promotions

More about being social....
Main pointers:- Social media is overwhelming, so give yourself a break. Social media brands are just tools, they can be here today and gone tomorrow – always make your website your priority and adopt an agnostic social media strategy. Your blog should be your primary focus, you own it and all its content. This is not the case for social media. Secondly, I advise you to not attempt the multi social media route. Find one or two platforms where both you and your customers feel comfortable and go for it. If you spread yourself too thinly you’ll splinter your community and dilute your message. Third point. You’re building a business not entering a popularity contest. So what if you’ve three million followers, how many of them are actually converting to sales, driving awareness or building loyalty. Pick one of these goals and attune your message accordingly. Fourth point. Build presence, here’s how in a nutshell:- * Remember your purpose in creating your business and gently nurture that purpose online. * Build gravity. By that I mean, you want your community to gravitate towards you because they’re interested in your content. Never chase them. Focus, entertain, educate and always let your community know how much you appreciate their attention. It’s just plain manners. So in summary, be focussed, be active, be useful, be reliable…. and always share the stage with your community.

*  Free bespoke introductory communications strategy outline.
*  Two  hours telephone mentorship per month.

What does my media mentorship package entail?

1. Free 15 minute introduction via meeting, skype or telephone. Here we’re discuss your company, your product or your service and see if we’re a good fit.

2. If we’re happy to proceed, you’ll pay for your first month’s mentorship and email me one, A4 length detailed description of your company and what you really need help and direction with.

3. Having studied your email and taken an overview of your brand through your website, copy, images and social media platforms, I’ll write back, with one A4 page, outlining my suggested communications strategy. This will have to-dos, recommendations, website resources and contacts I think applicable. I’m not there to do the work for you, but I’m there to direct you in the action I believe you should take to improve your communications.

4. Over the following three weeks, we’ll schedule a weekly, one hour catch up to discuss your progress and decide what steps you need to take in the following week. Bounce ideas off me, ask for my opinions and brainstorm to your heart’s content…. that half hour is yours.

5. Each month we can review your progress and repeat the process as necessary. If you get to the stage where you feel you’d like to proceed with me on a full PR retainer or even just take me on to manage a project, we can work it all out as we go along. 


Freelance PR Services Hourly Rate: £60

Freelance PR Services Half Day £250

Freelance PR Services Full Day £450

PR & Communications Media Mentorship £200/month

Copywriting projects are dependent on the amount of complexity and research required but ballpark figures are:-

Press Releases – £120
Case Studies – £250
Articles – £350

Retainers start at £500/month

Projects by negotiation.