My name is Carolyn Seager and I’m a photographer, surf PR and writer. I also own the Seagerworld Wave Gallery dedicated to the power and beauty of our beautiful Atlantic coastline.

You’ll see that the Atlantic plays an integral part in my world. I guess that for those of us who are children of the tides, the call of the Ocean is a highly powerful one, isn’t it?

And that’s why, after many years working as an International PR in London, I returned to the golden beaches of my childhood, yearning for the wild energy of the sea, the untamed coastline and the unending hope promised by the vast Atlantic horizon.

This seems a zeitgeist for our time. I now come across many others seeking that same connection, finding refuge in the waves and comfort within the infinite heartbeat of Mother Nature.

I have a feeling you might be one of them. 

I now combine my writing, PR and photographic skills to help those who feel as connected to the waves as I do. For I only have one intent, and that is to reveal to you Ocean of beauty that is your lifetime.

Beach Portraiture 


Although I do offer traditional portraiture and personal branding shoots in your home or at my natural light studio, my personal preference is to locate the shoot on one of our beautiful beaches.  These shoots contain the essence of true beauty,  joy and freedom that can be passed down through generations as legacy portraits.  Whether it’s a beautiful shoot of you on the beach with your children, a mini branding shoot for your website,  a picture of your horse cantering in the surf or your dog running in the waves …. these images will capture the true magic of a heartbeat.


Action Surf Shoots and Bespoke Surf Artwork 


When I take a shot of you surfing, kitesurfing or paddle boarding, I don’t just create a memory of you in action, I create a bespoke piece of artwork that can be hung on the wall and passed down through generations.  This artwork not only shows your sporting prowess but also captures that feeling of unconfined freedom, power and liberation that you can only get when you become one with the Ocean again.

It’s addictive isn’t it?


Seascapes – A Walk Into Illumination 

When we walk along the beach, we’re so easily transported back to that safer, happier world. A childhood world of joy and creativity.

A world of sunlight on your face.

I remember my Grandmother (she who was still climbing up the Woolacombe dunes at the age of ninety-eight) telling me that the angel rays which cascaded down from the skies over the sea, were messages from the souls up in heaven.  Many of my seascapes feature this ethereal light, gifted to me on my daily walks along Saunton, Croyde and Woolacombe.

My hope is that when you see my artwork, you will remember how it feels when the clouds parted and you were bathed in the sun’s illumination. You’ll remember the joy-filled days of ice cream and salty, tingling skin and all the love that surrounded you.


Because beauty awaits,

so relax,

let her wave carry you forward….


Freelance Surf PR And Copywriting

I’ve worked in communications all my life and writing is manna for my soul. I still have an intense passion for PR and all that the written word can create but I now dedicate my skills to those who are, like me,  attuned to the Ocean tides.  Why not have a look at my surf PR page and see if there’s anything there you think may help you?





“I’ve had the privilege to work alongside Carolyn Seager in a corporate environment as well as utilising her expertise as a professional photographer for many years.

Her photography is truly insightful, capturing the pure essence of the subject or brand she represents.

Personally, through the magic of her photography Carolyn captured the story of my three boys perfectly in 2015. These are memories I trusted only to a true storyteller and artist which is the personification of her creative talents. She did it effortlessly and with no fuss at all and my three active boys throughly enjoyed the photography session. She understands how to artistically reflect the best in all people and her photography of my boys will be cherished for a lifetime.

I wholeheartedly recommend Carolyn to represent your brand, marketing or portraiture requirements.”

Stefanie Vinks – Children’s Author and Former Senior Trade Marketing Manager, Diageo.