Hi there, I’m Carolyn Seager a photographic artist, writer and owner of the Seagerworld Wave Gallery & Gift Store.  Seagerworld is awash with artwork, books and gifts that will help you escape into the freedom and wisdom of the ocean waves.

As of September 1st 2018 this will also include the Wave Wisdom letter writing and gift service that will enable you or a loved one to receive a little bit of Ocean magic delivered straight to your door.

And if you’re looking for a bespoke present for that special surf mad loved one, perhaps you’d like to have a look at my beach portraiture and surf shoot packages.

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May I now invite you to paddle out with me a little while longer and together we may voyage an ocean of beauty and infinite possibility ….




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November 5th 2018. Confess am not a great fan of fireworks …the stars and moon can never be beaten for me …..but as life was lying heavy in my heart tonight, I wandered up through the village for a little walk and came upon this beautiful metal artwork of a WW1 soldier at our Kilkhampton …


Thank you for entrusting me with your time in reading this blog the context of which has been taken from my first edition of Wave Wisdom emails.  I’m mighty honoured to ride this tide of thought with you and if you’d like a little more, please keep tuned in and if you wish, sign up for my free daily Wave …


As I write, I’m sitting on the rocks in my little Cornish cove watching the surfers dance with the Ocean.  The foaming mouths of the waves hurtle towards me, washing my thoughts clean of any negativity and clearing a space for peace. I close my eyes and let the Atlantic’s roar shower over me. I breathe. I …


Am beginning to understand what Lao Tzu meant when he said that in the pursuit of knowledge, every day you add something but in the pursuit of enlightenment, every day something is discarded …. Wishing you a bliss- FULL weekend xxx    


As the Buddha said, the Ocean only has one taste, that of salt. In the same way, enlightenment only has one taste, that of Freedom. Happy Friday xxx

Woolacombe Sunset

As the great Hafiz once said, ‘Troubled? Then stay with me for I am not….. “ Coming soon, the daily ‘Wave of Wisdom’ email and letter writing service. A little Ocean beauty sent straight to your door. xxx  

Woolacombe Sunset Open




I offer a range of traditional portraiture and commercial shoots for you and your family, including the members that have four legs and a tail. My favourite studio is the one that entails the wild beauty and perfect light of our local South West beaches and surfing breaks.  For more information about my beach shoots please contact me now by calling 07768110182 or sending me an email to info@carolynseager.co.uk


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